The next thing that you will want to consider when choosing your favorite slot games is how long you want to play.

Some games will operate faster than others. Generally speaking, the faster that you play, the sooner you run out of money to keep playing.Almost all slot online have the same spin time, so no matter which game you play, each reel spin will take approximately three seconds.

But the reason that they work at different speeds is because of things other than the spin-time of the reels.

Allow me to explain.

Despite the fact that each spin takes approximately three seconds, some games have features or graphics displays in between each spin that make the amount of time you can play last longer. For example, I know of one game that activates a mini-game opportunity each time you win.

You can choose to double your winnings by playing the mini-game, or you can opt-out and accept your winnings as they are.If you decide to play the mini-game, it could take anywhere from ten seconds to an additional minute, depending on how well you play.

When you use the auto-spin feature, it will automatically add five seconds in between each winning spin to allow you to choose the mini-game before it continues with the rest of your spins.

So, you see how those extra features add to the length of time that you can play without requiring additional bets.

Other games have additional symbols that reveal hidden bonuses or free-spin options. Any game that includes free spins or additional mini-games is going to allow you to play for a longer time than simple games that lack those options.

If you want to play more, choose a game with those bonus features.

As I mentioned before, it should be easy to use your casino’s search features to find games that incorporate bonus features without having to search through every description.

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